Here’s what employers are looking for in 2022

In today’s modern world, employers are looking for a lot more than just qualified employees.

Many people apply for job after job and appear for an interview after interview without any success. But, they never stop to think that what it is that employers are looking for? 

We talked to hundreds of recruiters and HR professionals to understand what are the requirements of businesses looking to hire people in the year 2022. In a time where much of the work, in most industries, is automated and a large chunk of information is available on the internet, what it is that employers are looking for in an employee? 

What are employers looking for in 2022?

One of the biggest things that we realised from our conversation with top recruiters across industries and sectors is that employers are looking for particular skills in a potential employee. They value certain skills even more than educational or technical qualifications. 

Many recruiters confessed that they are looking for soft skills in an employee as opposed to hard skills. They rated teamwork, communication, and time management as the most high-quality soft skills. 

Also, many recruiters admitted that the top hard skills that they look for include basic computer knowledge, analytical skills, and presentation skills. Some recruiters, especially, those in customer-centric industries also value customer service as a skill in potential employees. So, let’s look in detail at some skills that employers want employees to have. 

Top 8 Skills that Employers Look For 

In today’s modern world, employers are looking for a lot more than just qualified employees. Employers want their team to have a skill set that is not only appropriate for their role but can also help guide the company through various challenges and contribute to its growth. 

Some of the skills that employers are looking for in today’s time include – 


Every business runs on teamwork. No business is a one-man show. Hence, it is no surprise that one of the most in-demand skills is the ability to function as a team. Employers want employees to be able to work together as a team and place the interests of the business above their interests. They want employees to avoid conflict as much as possible and work effectively together, as a team. 


Communication is an important skill that employers are looking for. Being able to communicate the right thing, at the right time and to the right person is a valuable skill for any business. It helps facilitate the smoother functioning of operations as all ambiguity is removed. It also ensures a calm and positive work environment for all employees. 

Time management  

Many operations of a business are time-sensitive and an increased number of people today suffer from poor time management. Proper time management is key to the success of any business and employers have recognised this as well. They try to judge whether a potential employee delivers on what they say and whether they have strong time management skills


Problem-solving skills are also in high demand among employers. Every employer looks forward to having people on their team that have the ability to solve problems and take quick decisions in critical times. Such employees can become valuable assets to any business. Hence, a lot of recruiters pose questions to candidates, often in the form of a situation, that are meant to test the high-order thinking skills and problem-solving skills of the candidates. 

Basic computer knowledge 

Most recruiters, even those belonging to industries that still operate manually, admitted that they do judge employees based on their knowledge of computers and basic IT systems. Employers want all employees to have basic computer skills and be able to do simple tasks such as maintaining records, sending emails, typing, and printing certain documents. If you don’t have basic computer knowledge, now would be a great time to update your skill set. 


Leadership skills are highly valued by employers when looking for new employees to join their team; especially, when looking for people to join corporate roles. They want people who can take the entire team forward and motivate every team member to achieve their full potential. Employees with strong leadership skills also become strong candidates for management roles in the future. Recruiters often check for leadership skills by engaging candidates in a group discussion. 


In today’s fast-changing times, businesses must innovate quickly if they want to survive and stay ahead of the competition. And, skills such as creativity and imagination play a big role in heralding new, innovative products and solutions. Hence, businesses look for creativity in potential employees. They try to check whether a person can be creative and offer a different viewpoint on existing problems and situations. 

Stress Management 

All businesses, regardless of the industry or sector, operate in high-stress and pressure situations. Hence, stress management is a key skill that employers look for in employees. Stress management is not just about being able to handle stressful situations employers are also looking for people who can operate in effectively and efficiently in any kind of stressful situation. They are looking for people who can also motivate others to give their best regardless of how challenging the situation can become. 

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